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When mediation, arbitration, intense negotiations and methods such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) fail to produce a settlement of a dispute, litigation becomes a foregone conclusion — a last resort, a fact of life.

The experienced state and federal litigation attorneys at the Mellor & Backo, LLP, law firm in North Port, Florida, use courtrooms throughout Southwest Florida to protect the rights of clients from a variety of industries.

Our lawyers have built a decades-long track record of success at trial, proving themselves proficient at every phase of the justice system: thorough research, case preparation, evidence and discovery, proactive strategies and eloquent presentations before judge and jury.

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Contentious disputes that are destined for high-profile, high-stakes litigation can begin in any number of ways. Contracts are breached. Trade secrets are stolen. Computer hackers invade privacy. Business competitors attempt to eliminate all competition. A company’s partners or shareholders may find themselves at an impasse over corporate governance and direction.

These basic examples may sound elementary, but many involve complex issues of state and federal law. And that’s where Mellor & Backo, LLP, comes in.

If we are unable to reach a positive pretrial outcome that minimizes expense for our clients, we aggressively explore every avenue for successful conclusions to:

To give you a better sense of our dedication to justice for those we represent, deep knowledge of the justice system and openness to your side of the story, please contact the litigation lawyers of Mellor & Backo, LLP. Initial consultations can be secured at 941-426-1193 or by email message.