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Do you have grounds to contest a loved one's will?

The loss of a loved one can hit anyone hard. You may have recently had a close family member pass and are trying to remember the wonderful times you spent together. However, something has been bothering you about your loved one's will.

You may have learned along with the rest of the family that your loved one had chosen to leave the majority of his or her estate to a seemingly random person or that he or she unexpectedly decided to cut you out of the will. Unfortunately, unexpected details emerging from a will can cause a great deal of confusion and concern, especially if you had anticipated different outcomes.

Is the will I created in another state valid in Florida?

After decades of hard work, you’re ready to spend retirement exactly where you’d always hoped. Your “home” is no longer up north. It’s in Florida, far from the winter season’s snowy grip. But there are still some practicalities to handle, one of them being your estate plan.

Now that you reside in a new state with new rules and regulations, it may be a good time to review that will you wrote in your previous home state. Here are some reasons why.

Six things to know about creating a will

Wills are the most widely recognized estate planning documents. Most people have at least some idea of what a will does. Simply put, a will is a legal document that allows you to pass on assets to your heirs.

However, you probably do not know all the specifics of creating a will. When it comes to your estate, what you do not know can hurt you, or at least hurt your ability to pass your assets on to beneficiaries. Below are six things you may not know about creating a will.

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