Litigating Complex Probate And Trust Disputes

A well-crafted estate plan is intended to eliminate the need for legal challenges among beneficiaries as well as creditors. Where a will does not exist, potential heirs may come forward and take their places in line to receive part of an estate.

Estate administration participants such as executors, trustees and beneficiaries who find themselves in the middle of a probate controversy should be in touch with our experienced Mellor & Backo, LLP, trial attorneys right away.

For decades, our individual and family clients have benefited from our skilled lawyers’ sound advice and legal leadership. When we advocate for families during probate litigation, we are there for that family, start to finish, whatever the litigation entails. We have even represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service in probate litigation matters.

Quality Representation For Plaintiffs And Defendants In Probate And Trust Litigation

If your loved one died in Florida and you have reason to challenge the will during the probate process, or your claims have been challenged by another beneficiary, you are strongly encouraged to speak with our law firm about probate litigation and administration.

We are fully prepared to assist new litigation clients on short notice in any pending lawsuit involving probate or trusts. We know what a stressful event it can be for a family when a will contest or trust-related legal challenge — such as misrepresentation, mishandling of funds or enforcement of a trust — arises.

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