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North Port Probate Administration Lawyers

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Many clients and friends we talk with express a desire to "avoid probate" in the settlement of their affairs. Their concerns are genuine, and in our estate planning practice we work hard to help clients dispose of their affairs in ways that do not involve the courts. However, we also find there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we take every opportunity to set out the facts about Florida probate law and procedure.

  • We explain to clients that, where questions or problems arise after death that can't be solved by any alternative method, Probate Court is the place where the issues get settled under Florida law.
  • We explain that Florida's Probate Code is based on the Uniform Probate Code, a modern set of probate laws that has been adopted in 16 other states.
  • We explain that probate judges in Florida are highly qualified and trained for the job, and that they do not tolerate lawyers or parties who seek to delay or prolong probate proceedings for improper motives.

For clients in business, including investors, we discuss how the probate process works to their advantage, shielding their surviving family members from possible liabilities that may exist at death, even when the estate plan is designed to pass most of the assets outside the probate proceeding by the use of trusts or other methods.

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Seek Knowledgeable Legal Advice for Probate Administration

We are often called on to advise the family of a deceased client about how to implement the plan we helped set up. Probate proceedings may or may not be part of our recommendations, depending on the plan and on the circumstances that existed at the time the decedent died. Just as frequently, though, we are contacted by survivors of a deceased person who was not our client, who may have had a will drawn by another lawyer, perhaps in another state, or perhaps who left no valid will at all. In such times, it is important to us to communicate a sense of confidence to the survivors, helping them understand that their needs can be met and working with them to devise a plan to manage whatever challenges exist.

Our Law Firm Has a History Built on Probate and Trust Administration in Florida

Mellor, Grissinger & Backo, LLP is a North Port area law firm that was founded more than 30 years ago with estate planning and probate as its key practice areas. Generations of Florida residents have entrusted probate and trust administration needs to attorneys of Mellor, Grissinger & Backo, LLP.

Learn how our Florida law firm can assist your family in the probate and trust administration process — including advising executors, trustees or estate representatives of their fiduciary responsibilities. State laws passed as recently as 2009 clarify the rights and responsibilities of those who execute and administer estates.

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Mellor, Grissinger & Backo, LLP of North Port serves clients from throughout surrounding Southwest Florida counties, Sarasota County, Lee County, Charlotte County and DeSoto County, including the communities of North Port, Venice, Port Charlotte, North Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, Englewood, Rotonda, Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island.