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North Port Mediation and Arbitration Attorneys

Port Charlotte Dispute Resolution Lawyers

In Florida, mediation is ordered on a pretrial basis before a legal dispute reaches the courtroom. Arbitration has become increasingly more prevalent in the past 15 years as a preferred method of dispute resolution. Trial lawyers at the North Port law firm of Mellor, Grissinger & Backo, LLP represent clients engaged in alternative dispute resolution.

The primary distinction between mediation and arbitration rests on this contrast:

  • Mediation is voluntary and is nonbinding until a result agreed to by the parties is reached
  • In arbitration, the parties present their cases and the arbitrator or arbitration board's ruling typically binds the parties engaged in a dispute
  • The results of both mediation and arbitration are typically enforceable by the courts

Each type of dispute resolution has its own characteristics, merits and demerits. In arbitration, participants often decide on the procedures. In other instances, a national association such as the AAA (American Arbitration Association) designs the procedural agenda and determines questions concerning timetables, case investigation (discovery) and other issues.

Mellor, Grissinger & Backo, LLP Handles State and Federal Court Ordered Mediation and Arbitration

Legal disputes that our clients must often resolve through arbitration as stipulated in contracts or as ordered by state or federal courts involve issues such as the following:

  • Real estate development
  • Construction matters
  • Homeowners' association and mobile home park requirements
  • Conflicts involving realtors, developers and/or purchasers of real estate
  • Contract disputes

Litigants often believe it is best to try their cases in a courtroom before a judge or a jury. However, alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation allows for greater control by the participants of who makes the decisions concerning when and where arguments will be heard. Our lawyers help ensure that our clients' rights and best interests are protected throughout the mediation and arbitration processes.

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